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Mission Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission

To prepare ethical servant leaders for the church and society in an environment of freedom and responsibility by providing quality education, research and community engagement within the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Our Vision

To be a university distinguished for academic excellence, service orientation and a commitment to social transformation according to the Catholic Social Teaching.

Our Philosophy

Integral Formation

Tangaza University is commited to a holistic approach to education, prioritizing not just academic learning but the overall development of students, preparing them to be well-rounded individuals.

Diverse Education Dimensions

Tangaza University strives for an integral formation in physical, moral, social, intellectual, and cultural dimension, ensuring that students develop in multiple areas, promoting a balanced and enriched student life

Catholic Educational Philosophy

We embrace a religious and ethical framework guiding the university’s educational approach, offering a value-driven education system that integrates faith, ethics, and a commitment to social justice in academics.